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Nothing quite beats that fresh New Year feeling. We have just enjoyed a well-earned break, celebrating the festive season with all of our loved ones and taking some time off to enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation. But as we head back to work, how do you rally your team and set a tone of cohesiveness and collaboration?   You have a kick off team event of course!

Not only does this start the year off on the right note, but it also gives everyone a chance to catch up all while having fun and building stronger team connections. So, this all sounds great, but where do you start? Well have no fear! We have our top three tips for planning the ultimate kick off team event to set your team up for success in 2022!

TIP #1: Choose Your Time Wisely

After spending the time planning and pulling together the best kick off event your team has ever seen, you actually want people to be able to attend. It’s time to put your investigator cap on and find out the following:

  • Are people taking extended leave over the holiday period?
  • Is the start of the year notoriously busy?
  • How long should your event go for?
  • How much notice will the team need to participate?


By taking the time to find out when your team is available, you ensure that you choose a time that will suit majority of your team. This way you are guaranteed to get the most out of your event as possible.

Team Event

TIP #2: Set Clear Objectives

One of the most important steps of planning any team event is asking yourself: “what is it that you want to achieve during your event?” Perhaps you want to set clear goals for the year ahead? Or build trust and promote teamwork? Whatever your outcome is, once you have defined this, it will help you set activities and an agenda for your team day.  Whatever is included, make sure you allow a realistic time frame for each task that you want to achieve.


Don’t forget that at the end of the day, you want your event to be about building connections and having FUN (whilst being productive of course)!  Whether you are staying onsite or heading out to get the inspiration flowing offsite, consider what activities you have available around you. And of course, as setting your team up for success is what your event is all about a team building activity is the perfect solution!

TIP #3: Understand Your Group

While you might be an adventure seeking thrill junkie, ready to go skydiving or bungee jumping… the rest of your team might not be (an extreme example, but you get my point). Making sure that everyone can be equally involved and included is a huge part of creating meaningful connections and bonds within your team.  Not sure what would be suitable? You could look at doing a quick email survey using a platform such as SurveyMonkey to help you reach a general consensus that everyone will enjoy.

Team Event

TIP #4: Don’t Forget the Little Extras

It may sound simple, but don’t forget to think about the little things that will add up to make your event great. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you need to provide your team with catering?  If you are providing catering for your team, make sure you gather any special dietary requirements and cater accordingly (after all we don’t want any hangry team mates).
  • What location is your event going to take place in? If you are going offsite do you need to provide accommodation or transfers?  Keep in mind the time of year that it is when choosing a location, as this may impact the practicality of some locations.  For example beachside in January is great, but if it is a popular holiday destination you will be competing with families still on school holidays.

TIP #5: Check Your Budget

While taking your team to an amusement park or ending the day with a 7 course gala dinner sounds absolutely amazing – at the end of the day everything always comes down to dollars and cents. So don’t forget to consider your budget and keep track of your planned expenses.  Not sure where to start? Begin by estimating what each of your event requirements cost.  This won’t give you an exact number, but it will give you a great place to start.


So there you have it! By following the above tips you are well and truly on you’re way to planning the best kick off team event your organisation has ever seen. And together your team will be ready to make 2022 your best year yet.