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Corporate Challenge Event’s top 5 tips for a successful incentive program

Incentive Programs are a great way to motivate, reward or encourage your employees for their hardwork, commitment and dedication to your organisation. They are a powerful motivator for staff to continue striving to reach targets and to also encourage others in the workplace to keep reaching for their goals. Incentive Programs also allow a great opportunity for those attending to network in a different environment than the workplace. They not only create friendly competition but are an effective tool to reinforce your company’s objectives, goals and culture.

As a leader in the industry, Corporate Challenge Events have years of experience in planning incentive programs and are excited to bring you our top 5 tips to planning the best incentive trip for your staff.


The world of Incentive Travel is endless, so whether you have a budget that is strict or flexible, it helps in providing a base to start researching and planning for your incentive event.

Budget is very important and can help you determine many factors including how many guests you invite, whether you travel overseas, interstate or stay local, which activities and dining experiences you include and whether you have room for extras such as inviting guests partners or providing corporate gifts.


When planning an incentive trip, it is important to look at where your delegates are located and where they will be travelling to. Depending on your objectives and theme, you may choose a location that is local, interstate or even overseas. If travelling overseas, Destination Management Companies play a huge role in determining the success of the event as they will give you vital information such as cultural considerations, language barriers, visa requirements, medical necessities and more.  Wherever you choose to go, it is important to do the appropriate research to determine whether the location suits your needs, is accessible, safe and exciting!


An Incentive Trip is usually organised as a reward to those attending so you want to ensure it is as seamless and stress-free as possible. This involves hours of organisation and planning especially when it involves organising flights, transfers, accommodation, dining and activities!

An event manager can be vital in the organisation process and will assist you in finding the perfect venue, organising all travel, communicating with guests and finding exciting and unique experiences for the delegates.

To execute a successful incentive trip, organisation must be a priority!

Knowing Your Demographic

It is important to understand and know your delegates before planning an incentive trip. Questions to ask yourself include: Are they male or female? Younger or older? Adventurous or relaxed? Do they know each other? Have they been on an incentive program before?

All of these answers will help you to formulate an idea of what the group would find rewarding, exciting and special. It will also allow you to steer away from activities and experiences that they may not enjoy or wouldn’t be suited to.

Everybody’s comfort zones are different so it is important to know your demographic well enough to accommodate different needs, desires and personalities.  


Wherever you go and whatever you do, you should always ensure you strive to add at least one ‘wow-factor’ into the trip. It may be something as simple as a picnic on a remote island to a fireworks display on the beach, a V8 driving experience or a dinner elevated in the sky.

If you would like to know more about planning an Incentive Trip, then don’t hesitate to contact our team today!