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By now we are all aware of COVID-19, lockdowns and the battle for toilet paper.  A combination of these (except maybe the toilet paper) can make it difficult to plan ahead, especially when it comes to bringing your team together for a teambuilding event.

While this can be surrounded by a lot of questions and uncertainty, we are here to provide you with some clarity.  So you can plan your next teambuilding event with confidence, knowing exactly what you are in for.

FAQ’s: Planning my event amidst COVID-19

1. What happens if COVID prevents my face-to-face event from going ahead? What are my options?
While Corporate Challenge Events are able to weave many miracles… unfortunately controlling COVID-19 isn’t one of them.  While you could look at refunding or rescheduling your in-person event, another option would be to host an online team building event instead.  With so many great programs to choose from, these online programs run for 60 to 90 minutes and tend to be more cost effective than their in person counterparts.
2. Do I need to pay a deposit?
Our booking policy does require a 60% deposit to confirm your booking with us.  With the remaining 40% balance due seven days prior to your event.
3. Is my deposit refundable?
We completely understand that COVID-19 brings with it a lot of uncertainty.  So as per clause 9.2(b) of our terms and conditions, if your event is cancelled due to COVID-19 your event is fully refundable or can be rescheduled to a future date.
4. What is the latest I can cancel my event without being charged?
We all know that local governments can act quickly when it comes to COVID-19, which is why we don’t have a timeframe on COVID related cancelations.  If however COVID-19 is not a factor our cancellation policies are as follows:

  • Greater than 7 Business days – 20% payment due
  • 2 – 7 Business days – 50% payment due
  • Less than 2 Business days – 100% payment due

Of course another option if COVID-19 was to interrupt your event plans is to reschedule your event.  In this instance we would happily transfer any deposits or moneys paid towards your updated event.

5. What is the latest I can change numbers without being charged?
To avoid disappointment we aim to finalise numbers seven days prior to your event.  This allows us plenty of time source any last minute facilitators or equipment if required.
6. What is the latest I can change to a virtual style event without being charged?
So it’s nearly event day and you are excited and ready to go… but COVID-19 has other plans.  In the event that COVID-19 prevents your in-person event from going ahead and you would like to change over to a virtual event, we will happily work with you to coordinate the online program and find a time and date that suits you, whatever the time frame.
7. What is the latest I can postpone my event without being charged?
If you are forced to postpone your event due to COVID-19, as per clause 9.2(b) of our terms and conditions, COVID related postponements can occur at anytime.  This way you can book with confidence, knowing you are good to go no matter what COVID throws at us.
8. How long will you hold a credit for my event?
With the world we live in constantly changing, we will happily hold your credit on file for 12 months.  If we get to the end of the 12 months and we are still unable to go ahead with your event because of COVID-19, we will reevaluate and look at extending this.
9. Can we still achieve a charity outcome online?
In these crazy times that we live in, it feels better than ever to give back, which is why our Charity programs are so popular.  We understand that some restrictions may prohibit in person charity events from going ahead, which is why we developed a range of online charity programs so you can still get the power of giving back, from the comfort of your remote office.
10. What is the cost to switch to a hybrid event?
Most of our online programs are cheaper than their face-to-face counterparts, so if you were to switch parts of your event over to create a hybrid event and you did select a cheaper program, you will receive either the difference in cost back or as a voucher for you to use for a future team building event. The choice is yours!
11. What is the cost to switch to a virtual event?
So you are thinking about completely switching over to a virtual event?  No problem!  As most of our online programs are cheaper than our face to face events, you will receive either the difference in cost back or as a voucher for you to use for a future team building event. The choice is yours!
12. Why am I better to book an event for my team now rather than just wait until the pandemic is over?
Now more than ever before, your team need engagement and connection.  As we are all well aware, there is no certainty on when this pandemic will finally come to an end.  Just because we don’t work from a typical office space anymore doesn’t mean that your team and workplace culture isn’t just as important as it was in pre-COVID days.  You can read more about this subject in our e-book “Inside the COVID Culture Crash.”
13. Why is team building important during the pandemic?
With people working in unfamiliar and sometimes unconventional environments (I know you all worked from your couch in your pajamas last year), they are longing engagement and connection more than ever and science has repeatedly shown us that Positive Team Cultures create success.  While a lot of things have changed during the pandemic, this fact hasn’t, rather our methodology for achieving it changes.  If you are interested in finding out more about the phenomenon that is Positive Team Culture, you can read this in our e-book “Avoid the Culture Crash.”
14. How much time will I waste in organizing an event if it gets cancelled anyway?
We pride ourselves on taking the stress of organizing away from you. This means the time you spend planning this event will be minimal even if it is unfortunately canceled. If you are truly concerned with this lets plan something simple to start with, such as an online event, until you gain more confidence and certainty around what is possible.
15. How will my facilitator support me through all the possible changes?
This is our job. As facilitators we know that events are an evolving beast, whether face to face, online or hybrid. We are trained to adapt to any changes that are thrown our way and have a long history of working with our clients to keep them informed and supported.  Our goal is for your team to have the best possible experience, so we will do whatever we need to do to support you for this to occur, from beginning to end.
We know that COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down and changed the way we do and interact with a lot of things in our day-to-day life, but we are here to assure you that team building isn’t one of them.  While planning a team building event during COVID-19 may seem like a frustrating, nerve-wracking and somewhat scary task, we are here to help rebuild your confidence by offering the same impactful team building events, but with COVID friendly policies to help you plan and move forward with certainty and trust.  So what do you say?  Are you ready to reconnect your team?