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There is no denying it… we are heading back to normality and it is finally time to get excited about events again!  Yes, that’s right, not just looking at your colleagues through a computer screen where they keep freezing every 5 mins, but REAL in person, physical events.  But before we get too carried away, it is still important to keep everyone’s safety and health front of mind.  On that note, we have created a helpful list of do’s and don’ts for physical events in Australia… there is even a handy download checklist to help you along your way so that we can get back to the fun stuff and celebrate!

*Please note that this information is correct at the time of publishing and may have changed since publication.  Please check your state government website to understand any changes to regulations that may have been made.


Do:  If you have a team that exceeds the number of participants allowed in a certain space, you don’t have to necessarily cancel the event!  Consider holding multiple sessions or rounds during the day or across multiple days instead.  Still want to do a big company wide reveal?  Consider doing this via an online portal such as Zoom to keep everyone included.

Don’t: Although it might feel tempting to just “add one more,” it is important that you stick to the numbers suggested by each state government to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 is kept at bay and that everyone’s safety is maintained.

A Quick Look at Each State:
  • Stage 3: Stay at Home Restrictions Apply – No gatherings in Metropilitan Melbourne & Mitchel Shire.
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  • Fewer than 500 people – no approval needed when following a COVID Safe Event Checklist.
  • 500 to 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local public health units.
  • Over 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer.
  • 4sqm of space require per person.
  • 2sqm of space require per person if venue is less than 200sqm.
  • Events with less than 100 people do not require completion of a checklist or safety plan, however the physical distancing and hygiene principles should still be considered and implemented.
  • Events and public gatherings of 100 to 500 people must complete a COVID-19 safety checklist.
  • Major events and public gatherings of over 500 people must submit a COVID-19 Event Safety Plan and receive formal approval from the Chief Health Officer prior to the event proceeding.
  • 25 people inside maintaining 4sqm per person (whichever is greater).
  • 250 people for outdoor gatherings.
  • Gathering limits only determined by WA’s reduced 2 square metre rule.
  • The 2 square metre rule will only include staff at venues that hold more than 500 patrons.
  • No Limit however COVID management plan required for large gatherings.
  • 1 person per 2sqm.
  • Indoor events must not exceed 4sqm of space per person.
  • No more than 20 people to gather in an outdoor space.
  • Gathering limits are now determined by the density of the area, up to a maximum of:
    • 250 people for an undivided space in an indoor premises; and
    • 500 people in an undivided space outdoors.
  • Maximum density limit is one person per 2 square metres.


Do: Consider moving your event to the great outdoors!  Not only does this reap the benefits of giving everyone some fresh air, sunshine and a fresh location; it also allows for larger group sizes in line with COVID safe measures and is an opportunity to bring together staff that have been working externally from home.

Or alternatively if you want to keep your event indoors, consider hiring a function venue.  Due to COVID there is a lot of availability at traditionally booked out venues in the near future and with many venues announcing they are reopening with strict COVID safe practices in place now is the perfect time to snap up this opportunity.

Don’t: As tempting as it is to save on venue hire costs or park permits and hold your event at your office location… we do not recommend this.  All venues will have been briefed and had staff undergo extensive training to ensure that they are fully qualified and understand the best COVID safe practices to ensure not only their safety, but the safety of all patrons.

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Do: Seek out professionals.  Afterall, that is what we are here for!  Similar to venues we have all been briefed on the best practices for cleaning and maintaining COVID safe equipment for activities.  In the event that the equipment can’t be kept COVID safe, we will modify our programs so that you still get all the key takeaways, without any possibility of infection.  If you would like more information about COVID safe programs, please check here.

Don’t: Try to do it yourself.  You might have read a few bits and pieces online and think you are ready to go, but we do not recommend holding a physical team event without at least consulting with a professional first.  If cost is a concern, then I would suggest getting in touch with providers to see if there is any room for movement on cost and inclusions.  Trust me, the piece of mind you will have by enlisting a professionals help is priceless.


With the rules and restrictions constantly changing, always make your first stop the below sites to ensure everyone’s safety at physical events.