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Have you ever heard of “charity team building”? It’s just what it sounds like – a way for socially responsible companies and organizations to work together to give back to the community. But here’s the fun part: instead of just writing a check or donating unused items, charity team building involves employees actively participating in activities that benefit local charities and non-profits. That could mean volunteering at a soup kitchen, building bikes for disadvantaged children, or supporting those in our community sleeping rough by gifting essential items. Not only does it give employees the opportunity to bond and work as a team, but it also supports those in need in tangible and meaningful ways.

There are many benefits to charity team building- just google the three words and you’ll get over 8 million results from boosted workplace morale to increased rates of workplace retention. These are just some of the remarkable benefits that employees and teams experience following a charity team building event. But we think the best part is that it’s a great way to give back to those who need it most. And what could be more rewarding than that?

You see its not until teams actually experience a charity team building event that they can understand the real world impact this sort of activity can have on those most in need. For us as facilitators we see it everyday and its a big part of the passion and purpose that drives us.

Today we will explore the real impact three of our most popular charity team building programs have had on our community and why your workplace should get involved.

At a glance

In the last 12 months our remarkable clients have been responsible for:

dollars worth of essential items donated to Australians doing it tough.

dollars worth of Lego donated to children experiencing illness

bikes donated to children and families that need it most.

CSR Program

Out of the Box

In the only charity team building program of its kind, ‘Out of the Box’ is an opportunity for socially responsible organizations to make a difference to the lives of Australians doing it tough. Unaware of the outcome teams will be presented with the challenge of working together to earn essential items that many Australians go without each and every day. “Out of the Box” brings those items to life in a fun and engaging team program for adults.

The heartwarming twist is each participant will then have the opportunity to donate a box of essentials to someone in their community experiencing homelessness.


Every night, more than 116,000 people experience homelessness every night. 15,872 of those people are not yet 12 years of age.

In the last 12 months we have been able to connect socially responsible organisations with the Good Box to donate $18,000 worth of essential items to Australians doing it tough.

  • Of distribution charity partners report that Good Boxes provide genuine connection and communication with people experiencing homelessness, which allows them to build rapport and assist further with getting them out of homelessness 99% 99%
  • Of distribution charity partners report that Good Boxes give the recipient confidence to keep going 98% 98%
  • Good Boxes free up 20% of more time for partner charity orgnisations to focus on what they are funded to do 20% 20%


The Good Box is an Australian charity and social enterprise dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness receive vital resources with dignity. The Good Box has provided dignity and connection to over 20,000 people through the distribution of their Good Boxes.


“The conditioner inside the box really helped, but it was the hand-written note that I’ll be able to keep forever”


“I had spent the last few days on the streets and to be presented with the amazing box of treats was very overwhelming – it felt like a big friendly cuddle”


“One man loves getting the female box to give as a gift to his daughter, he offers to go without one for himself but we have enough for him too”


“Coming in with nothing, they appreciate the individualised notes, the small snacks and toiletry items. Its always appreciated”.


“We distribute your amazing boxes to people that are sometimes at the lowest and most vulnerable points of their lives. Everyone that receives a Good Box are extremely grateful. The most popular are the sanitary items. The nut bars are also a great kick of energy for our rough sleepers”.

CSR Program

Lego Legends

In every real adult a child is hidden that wants to play! Make sure you channel your inner child for this uplifting program that will see participants battle it out to build the most Legendary LEGO structure. The playful spin on this program transforms to heart-warming when the finished models are donated to a children’s charity of choice.


Over the last 12 months we have been able to facilitate the donation of over $84,000 worth of Lego to children experiencing illness. Giving children boxes of Lego is more than just donating toys—it’s about giving them an opportunity to take a break from all things medical and just play.

Distraction is a proven method for managing anxiety and pain in children, and with the help of our participants we’ve been able to provide some much needed distraction for children who need it most.


HeartKids is the only national not-for-profit organisation solely focused on supporting and advocating for all people impacted by childhood heart disease, one of the largest causes of infant death in Australia.

 Jada received a heart transplant just recently. We had just 2 hrs to say our goodbyes, pack our things and head to Melbourne from Sydney. Jada was blessed to have received a donor heart. We are a long way from home, family & friends.

This is where HeartKids stepped in to offer much needed support. They offer morning tea get togethers on the ward, they surprised me with a Mother’s Day gift, they organised a unit for us to reside in for our 3 months recovery period and have now given us the wonderful opportunity to attend this event.

I never knew how much my girl would love LEGO as much as she does. Every day she gets stronger thanks to the wonderful support of organisations like this. Thank you for using your platform to spread awareness and mostly thank you for caring, it means more than you will ever know.

-Leah (Jada’s Mum)




CSR Program

Bikes for Tykes

As the original charity bike building program, Bikes for Tykes has had a lasting impact on teams around Australia.

Through a series of fun (and slightly competitive) activities, teams will come together with the overall goal of earning enough parts to build the perfect bike.  The best part? Well that has to be the smile on a child’s face as they take a look at their brand-new bike for the first time. The impact that this program has on the local community and on the participating teams cannot be matched.


In the last 12 months, our generous clients have been responsible for donating over 600 bikes to children and families that need it most.

We work with a number of local charities that distribute the bikes to those who need them. This could be a family who can’t afford a bike, a local not for profit community group or children suffering with illness. The bikes are more than just a means of transport- they are a way for children to play, feel special, have fun and remain active.


One Ball is a community program designed for children and young adults aged between (5-17 years of age). The program provides opportunities to all people especially those from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds to play soccer in a social setting.


A big thank you to Corporate Challenge Events for donating these bicycles that were handmade by a corporate. 🚲🧡

Team building is one of many positive features that we teach our children and young people here at One Ball, and we’re so excited to have made new friends at Corporate Challenge Events who are all about teamwork too!

We are delighted to have been chosen by Corporate Challenge Events as recipients of 15 bicycles as part of their Bikes for Tykes program.

Many companies work together with Corporate Challenge Events to do team building exercises like the Bikes for Tykes program, which gives them an opportunity to build a bicycle from scratch to be donated to a charity of their choice – what a fantastic initiative!

Our children and young people were so excited to receive the bicycles and look forward to taking them for a ride around our community!

-One Ball



Charity team building is a great way to bring employees together while also giving back to the community. At Corporate Challenge Events, we offer nine different charity team building programs all designed to make a difference in the lives of others and have a lasting impact on teams. If you’re looking for a way to give back and build teamwork at your workplace, contact us today! We’d be more than happy to help you get started. Thanks for reading! We hope this has inspired you to get involved in charity team building in your workplace