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Event Applications

The Events Industry has seen huge growth in the use of Event Technologies in the past couple of years and event organisers are really beginning to understand the positive impact they can have on events such as conferences, meetings, festivals and exhibitions. One of those technologies which is increasingly gaining momentum is the Event Application.

Event applications are a must-have tool for any conference for groups of as little as 10 or as great as 1000+.

Personalised event applications can provide the following services:

  • Alert and Update Delegates on all Event Aspects
  • Personalised Profiles for Delegates, Exhibitors, Speakers etc.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Scheduling and Session Information
  • Information for Extra-curricular Activities and Partner Programs
  • Location Information, Maps and Venue Plans
  • Comprehensive Event Reporting and Real-time Event Evaluation
  • Personalisation using Event Branding
  • QR Codes

Not only do they provide extensive and valuable services, but they are cost effective also. After evaluating the cost you would spend on creating registration packs, continually providing information to delegates and speakers and compiling event reports, it would come close to the cost of an event application. Plus, you get access to all the added benefits that an app can provide!

Event Applications are also a sustainable initiative which demonstrates to your attendees that you are conscious of your environment and continually working to reduce your carbon footprint.

However, there must be negatives I hear you ask?

A concern for many is the ability of delegates to access the application for use before, during and after their event due to its use being limited to smartphones and tablets. However in this day and age, it is very rare to come across an individual who does not have access to an iPhone, iPad or at least an Android! With thorough research, you can also find event applications which you can access over the internet for those delegates who may prefer to use a computer or laptop.

So what should you look for in a good Event Application?

  • Cost
  • Time Efficiency (Set-Up, Publish and Maintain)
  • Implementing Changes
  • Speed
  • Customisation
  • Supported Devices

Event Applications can require many hours of research, set-up and maintenance time, but what if we had a solution which could take all the stress out of that process?

Contact the team at Corporate Challenge to take care of your next Conference or Event and we can implement and manage your customized event application today!