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An iconic showcase of Corporate Challenge Events this Christmas

Delivering industry-leading team building programs and providing professional conference and corporate event services are the backbone of Corporate Challenge Events.

Managing Director Dwain Richardson said clients have historically requested either one of a team building event or a corporate event, function or conference.

“However we are starting to see an increasing number of clients actually request a combination of both, which we absolutely love, as we get to deliver almost our full suite of capabilities in the one event,” said Richardson.

A recent showcase of this for Corporate Challenge Events was with its long-time client Epic Pharmacy.

Epic is one of Australia’s largest pharmacy service providers to the hospital, oncology and aged care sector, and this year has become part of the Icon Group, one of Australia’s largest cancer care providers with businesses including Icon Cancer Care, Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC) and Slade Health.

A few weeks ago, Icon invited staff from its various businesses around Australia to celebrate 2015 at a Christmas party with a difference in Brisbane.

The event was entitled ‘Brisbane to our CORE’ and featured a two-day program including a conference, Christmas party and team building program.

Corporate Challenge Events was an integral partner in the organisation and delivery of the two-day program.

Its Conferences & Events department worked closely with Icon in the professional conference organisation for 150 delegates on the Saturday afternoon, and then presenting an amazing Christmas party experience for over 500 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on the Saturday night.

Corporate Challenge Events Conferences & Events Manager Rachael Ziccone said a key objective was to provide a memorable experience for all Icon’s delegates.

“Without a doubt, ‘Brisbane to our CORE’ left a lasting and positive memory for all delegates and we were extremely proud to have made a contribution to this,” said Ms Ziccone.

“Our services included the coordination of venues, transfers, catering, audio visual requirements, theming, registration and presenting a beautiful fireworks display for extra wow factor.

“We have a great relationship with the team at Icon and our focus is always to add value through our experience and skills to their creative event concepts and plans.”

The Team Building department of Corporate Challenge Events then gave Icon another memorable and rewarding experience on the Sunday.

More than 300 team members representing Icon participated in what was named the ‘Charity Scramble’, which provided everyone with a fun glimpse of Brisbane as a destination in a charity-focused team building program.

Corporate Challenge Events Queensland Manager Danielle Lambert said this program highlighted how Corporate Challenge Events can tailor its team building events specifically to the objectives of clients.

“We actually don’t have a program called ‘Charity Scramble’, however we took elements from three of our other team building programs, to design an event specifically for Icon,” said Ms Lambert.

“Not only to did it provide an opportunity for the teams to explore Brisbane and engage in a fun team building and networking exercise, but it enabled Icon to make a valued donation to 20 kids that Camp Quality support.

“The teams in ‘Charity Scramble’ built 20 wooden toys which were all presented to the kids and their families at the end of the program, providing a truly memorable and rewarding experience for all involved.”

For the client, Icon, the two-day program provided an experience beyond their expectations and the feedback from staff across its various business units was overwhelming.

In her regular blog, Cathie Reid, Managing Partner of Epic Pharmacy Group, commenced by saying…

“Wow! This weekend saw an Iconic celebration of Epic proportions, filled with ROC!Star individuals displaying the Core strength of our organisation as teams from all over Australia came together to celebrate a great 2015,” said Ms Reid.

“The theme for the weekend was ‘Brisbane to our Core’, recognising that the Icon, ROC and Epic businesses all commenced their operations in South East Queensland, and we had a lot of fun sharing the best of Brisbane with our team mates from other locations around the state and country.”

In conclusion, Ms Reid shared her team’s final experience of the weekend – the opportunity to build and give toys to children from Camp Quality…

“The joy on the children’s faces was absolutely beautiful to see, and lots of tears were shed as people saw a weekend which had been filled with so much Christmas cheer expand to an even greater level.

“With all of the business units having a purpose-related value committing to the delivery of exceptional cancer care, being able to incorporate support for an organisation that is all about creating a better life for kids living with cancer, was the perfect way to conclude.”

Thank you to Icon Group and its Australia-wide companies – Epic Pharmacy, Icon Core Services, Icon Cancer Care, Icon Cancer Foundation, Radiation Oncology Centres and Slade Health.