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Test your communication with DOPE

Most of us have heard of Myers Briggs and DISC personality profiling. Some organisations even use these to ensure they recruit the right personality to the right job. Knowing what makes your colleagues tick is a powerful tool in creating an efficient and effective team. 

Having completed both of the above profiling tests and a number of others myself, my preferred is another less complex assessment called the DOPE Test. As do the Myers Briggs and DISC Personality Profiling the DOPE test classifies each individual into categories.

The DOPE test categories are described below:

D – Dove

The Dove is a feeler. They are shy, friendly, sensitive, patient, moderate, supportive, loyal, timid, and retiring.  The Dove likes to listen more than talk and put’s people’s welfare first.

O – Owl

The Owl is a thinker. They are quiet, analytical, logical, moderated, conservative, reserved, cool and cautious. The Owl likes to listen more than talk and puts logic before feelings.

P – Peacock

The Peacock is a talker. They are a confident, warm, outgoing, flamboyant, dramatic, persuasive and animated person. The Peacock puts people before tasks.

E – Eagle

The Eagle is a controller. They are confident, dominant, assertive, fast, cool, decisive, firm, impatient and ambitious.  The Eagle likes to talk more than listen and puts results before people’s feelings.

The test is a simple series of questions that you answer Yes or No. For example; When getting other people to do things I am patient. After answering approximately 50 questions the results are counted and you are presented with a value for each of the four categories; the higher the value the more of that category present in your personality. Click Here for a copy of the test.

As you can see from the summaries; understanding your personality type and that of those around you can assist in your ability to communicate effectively with others. Knowing that your boss is an Eagle and likes information delivered in a simple concise and to the point language versus your CFO who is an Owl and requires detail and explanation behind your ideas, will not only enable you to get information across more easily and effectively but will also save you a world of frustration.

Imagine speaking to a client, or attending a networking function and being able to quickly identify the personality type of the person, all of a sudden you are in a powerful position to communicate in the most effective way. Picture negotiating your salary package knowing the most effective way of delivering the information to your boss or master this as a sales person and watch your conversions soar!

Take the time to understand the personality profile of yourself and your colleagues and you will discover the art of successful communication.

For ideas on how to incorporate the DOPE Test into a team eventfor maximum experiential learning ask your local Corporate Challenge Events representative.


Dwain Richardson, Director, Corporate Challenge Events