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Create Your Own Melbourne Cup Event at Work

Melbourne Cup is known as the race that stops a nation because it quite literally does! Over 100,000 horse racing enthusiasts flock to Flemington race course in their finest attire while the rest of the state of Victoria enjoy a public holiday to celebrate with family and friends. Local supermarkets sell out of sausages and the city is inundated with both local and international visitors all paying top dollar to join the week-long festivities. The rest of Australia however are no exception with roughly 2 million viewers tuning in at 3.00pm to watch some of the finest thoroughbreds in the world streak down the straight to the finish line in a sight they will never forget.
Almost every bar, restaurant, cafe, shop and department store get into the swing with a Cup-inspired event and workplaces around Australia halt their usual Tuesday activities to hold cup day office parties. For many leaders, the annual celebration can be a headache when trying to maintain productivity and keep teams engaged throughout the week-long carnival. However, Isabella Zamorano a Senior Employment Relations Adviser at Employsure, said there are some benefits of allowing employees to take the afternoon off to celebrate the festivities. “By allowing employees time away from work to attend events like a Melbourne Cup lunch, teams will benefit from bonding time together outside work, getting to know each other in a more casual environment,” said Zamorano (Human Resources Director, 2019.)

So how can you turn a headache into a positive team culture benefit when it comes to betting, fashion and booze? Well, the good news is, we are here to save the day with our top team events to help your team celebrate in style whilst being responsible and remaining productive the next day of course!

Let’s do it!

What about COVID?

This program can be delivered in-person, virtually or hybrid so no matter what restrictions your state is currently facing or how your team is spread across the country, no one needs to miss out on this team bonding experience with a difference!

A Night (or Day) at the Races

Invite your team to glamour up and enjoy a night (or day) at the races in a team building program with a difference! This fun program will be a test of strategy, risk taking, decision making and statistical analysis as teams strive to win the most money. You will experience a unique race day for your group with races broadcast either at your event, to your teams remote locations or a combination of both! It will be as close to the real thing as you can get with horses, jockeys, mounting yards and race callers, as you study the form guide and place your bets with our bookies.

The perfect way for your workplace to get into the spirit of Australia’s most famous racing carnival and enjoy all the benefits of a structured team building program.

Trivia – Race Day Edition

Are you a horse racing enthusiast or perhaps you have a fountain of random knowledge bottled up inside you that is just bursting to get out? Well, it’s your time to shine! Put your brain to the test and lead your team to victory during the Corporate Challenge Events Trivia… Race Day Edition!

With a series of race inspired brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge tinglers and lateral thinking mind-benders, the entire group will get a thorough(bred) mind workout in this popular social activity. Offering endless theming opportunities, each participant is encouraged to come as their favorite jokey, dressed to impress for fashion on the fields or really take it to the next level and come as one of histories most famous thoroughbreds!

What about COVID?

This program can be delivered in-person, virtually or hybrid so no matter what restrictions your state is currently facing or how your team is spread across the country, everyone will get the opportunity to channel their inner competitive streak!

What about COVID?

This program can be delivered in-person or hybrid. If legislative restrictions prevent this event from taking place, switch to one of our virtual inspired race events free of change!

Lego Legends

In every real adult a child is hidden that wants to play! Make sure you channel your inner child for this uplifting program that will see participants battle it out to build the most Legendary Race Inspired LEGO structure. The playful spin on this program transforms to heart-warming when the finished models are donated to a children’s charity of choice.

Before construction commences; players will be tested with a number of Melbourne Cup activities that will wake up their artistic side and offer a sense of engagement, team work and fun. With a challenge to design and construct the most innovative race inspired LEGO masterpiece, participants will travel back in time and delight in this childhood favourite that inspires play and imagination. Combining creative flair and LEGO construction skills, this charity program will not only bring out your inner child, but also put a smile on a deserving child’s face when they receive a brand-new box of LEGO.

Melbourne Cup
So there you have it, our top team events to ensure no corporate team misses out on any of the Melbourne cup action this year and your organisation says goodbye to this year’s carnival with a thriving positive team culture!

For more information of any of our race inspired team events please contact one of our friendly team today.

Melbourne Cup