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Six outdoor team building ideas for summer

The weather is warming up! Daylight hours are increasing! Summer will soon be upon us!

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors with your work colleagues in a fun team building event.

Here are my top six outdoor team building activities for summer in 2017/18.

One of these may just be the perfect solution for your Christmas party, end of year team bonding activity or staff retreat.

1. Survivor

Based on the popular reality television series, Survivor is an ideal program for the summer months.

The beauty of Survivor is its various activities and challenges can be tailored to suit the actual environment being used for the day.

It can be adapted for almost any outdoor space whether that’s a beach, park, bushland or sport’s reserve.

Everyone can participate regardless of fitness level and, like the TV show, will combine strategy and skill until a sole survivor reigns.

2. City Scramble

As the name suggests, City Scramble pits teams against each other in a race around a certain location – a CBD, a small town, a suburb, a precinct or even large parkland.

That’s what makes this outdoor team building program so popular. It can be adapted for any group depending on location and budget.

It’s a great way to experience a destination and learn about its landmarks, history and features along the way.

Teams will have plenty of fun too as they navigate around the course completing challenge after challenge.

3. It’s a Knockout

With plenty of inflatable activities, bright colours and obstacle courses, It’s A Knockout is a throwback to the popular 80s TV program.

It is perfect for a flat outdoor venue such as a park or oval where numerous inflatable obstacles and novelty challenges can be set up.

Maximising the great outdoors, it’s a recreational program that promotes team interaction and plenty of laughter with an 80s theme.

With Christmas coming up, it can be a good team event to include as part of end of year work parties that involve both staff and their families.

outdoor team building events

4. Beach Olympics

The summer season and beach go hand in hand especially in Australia. What better way to experience both than together in a fun team activity.

Beach Olympics features a mix of recreational challenges that can cater for all fitness levels on the soft sand of a beach with the glistening ocean as a refreshing backdrop.

Teams will battle for it out for gold in this high energy program. There are a host of activities to choose from so the event can be tailored for each organisation that does it.

With the next Commonwealth Games coming up very soon in our own backyard in Australia, this might be a good program to theme your own company Games on a beautiful beach.

5. Raft Regatta

When there is chance of getting wet, obviously the best time to do this is in the warmer months!

Raft Regatta is a test for teams in resourcefulness and creativity with the possibility of a splash at the end.

This program takes teams through a whirlwind of recreational and problem solving activities with the ultimate aim to build a raft.

The exciting conclusion is the raft race across a lake, creek or pool. Which raft will win, which will stay afloat and which will capsize?

6. Give A Dog A Home

The end of year is a time of giving. The end of year is also a busy time for animal shelters.

This presents an opportunity for groups to undertake a team building program for a cause in the great outdoors.

One of these programs is Give A Dog A Home which can be run in a park with the added benefit of supporting animals in need.

Teams work through a series of activities to ultimately build and decorate a dog kennel. After an overall winner is judged, the power in this team activity comes with the donation of the kennels to an animal charity or shelter.

So there you have it! They are my top six team building programs for the outdoors this summer.

With any outdoor program, we also advise plenty of sunscreen, hats, water and shade and provide an indoor contingency if the Aussie weather doesn’t behave.

Michael Cromie, General Manager – Team Building, Corporate Challenge Events