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End of Financial Year (EOFY) is a busy and vital time for all businesses and often comes with added pressures and deadlines. The obvious one is the finalisation of financial accounts for the year. However EOFY may also be a peak time for performance analysis, strategic planning and retail sales.

Whatever your reason, the months from May to August will be important for your business and will likely bring additional demand upon your operations and staff. Multiple competing demands can often lead to heightened stress in the workplace so it’s important to find ways to support your team to cope during these often-testing times.

Firstly, its worth mentioning how important is to cover the basics like employee wellbeing. This includes:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Eating well
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset
  • Taking regular breaks

See our infographic on being proactive with EOFY Burnout for more information.

Another way to support your team and boost team morale is to balance your fast paced environment with a celebration. As a specialist in this area, we have identified two ‘stand out’ objectives for companies treating their staff to some ‘time out’ during the EOFY period.

  1. To invigorate your team in advance of a peak business period over EOFY
  2. To reward your team for its results and contribution over the past financial year

It’s a win win!!

But with so many incredible team experiences available what is the best solution for your team members? Well, we have taken out the hours of hard work and broken it down into 7 team events that will help you make an informed decision and ultimately see your team culture thrive through another EOFY! (Your welcome!)

Let’s do it!


Let’s get building!  Don’t worry, we are definitely going to let you play with Lego…but this program is not just about having fun it is also the perfect way to bring out your teams creative side.  With the ability to customize the program brief so that your team are building structures to highlight your conference topic and the warm and fuzzy feelings of donating a stack of Lego to a children’s charity, this one truly is a win, win.


In every real adult a child is hidden that wants to play! Make sure you channel your inner child for this uplifting program that will see participants battle it out to build the most Legendary LEGO structure. The playful spin on this program transforms to heart-warming when the finished models are donated to a children’s charity of choice.

Schedule It:

Allow approximately 1 – 4 hours for this program.


Get out of the office and into the action as you explore the surrounds of your city or location of choice in this race style event that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping and wake your team up.  Perfect if you are visiting a remote venue with your team, or want an activity that will provide a lot of energy.


Blending specially designed custom software with a fast paced scavenger hunt, this program is sure to blow your mind.  Teams will need to navigate to various GPS located checkpoints guided by a customised mobile app. The challenges won’t stop from the starting gun all the way through to the finish line as teams strive for victory in this high energy thriller!

Schedule It:

Allow approx. 2 – 3 hours for this program.  Why not finish this activity with canapes or drinks to finish off an amazing celebration?


While a workshop might not sound super exciting and fun, we are here to make you think about workshops differently!  Whether you choose a Fish! Experience or Belbin Workshop we promise you there will be plenty of fun and laughter with your team as you get to know and appreciate them more and take your workplace culture to the next level.


Purposefully designed to enhance your team’s performance and build a positive workplace culture, we are happy to help you identify a workshop that will suit your team’s style and needs.

Whether you want to focus on leadership, communication, team performance, managing change or fostering innovation and creativity, we will work with you to create an event that exceeds your expectations.

Schedule It:

Allow approx. 2 – 4 hours in the morning when your team is fresh as this will help energise the mood for the rest of the day.


Minute To Win It is a great team building program to stage with a dinner or social function as challenges can be delivered in between menu courses to keep your audience entertained. It is also just as effective as a stand-alone team event.


The challenges will keep coming as teams battle to become the Minute To Win It champions of your company or group. It is like being on a game show without the television cameras in this suspense-filled and engaging team building event!

Teams will be presented with a challenge and then delegate a team member or multiple team members to successfully complete it within one minute.

Schedule It:

Allow approximately 1 – 2 hours for this program or 2-3 hours if run alongside a catered event. This program works well at any time during the day or evening as a social event.


Think your pretty handy with the tools? Well this activity will put even the best mechanics to the test.  But don’t worry, we have something in this program for the creative types too. Allowing your team to get out and stretch their legs, minds and have some fun before finishing the financial year on a high.


This is your chance to be a F1 technician for a day and build the ultimate racing kart. Karts for Hearts is a fun team building program with the objective to earn equipment and resources to build, decorate and market a billy kart. On completion of the program, a presentation of the karts to a local charity can take place turning this team bonding activity into an even more rewarding experience.

Schedule It:

Allow approximately 2 – 3 hours for this program, and it works well at anytime during the day.


The period of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is a special time for all of us that comes around once every four years. We get to witness awe-inspiring feats of high performance in sport alongside those that reach their own limits just to finish. With the Olympics and Paralympics upon us, there is no better time to apply lessons from sport to business as they are right there in front of our eyes.

Read more here on the synergies between a successful team culture in sport and a successful team culture in business.


We have all witnessed the Olympics and thought to ourselves, how amazing and inspirational are those athletes. Well here is your chance to be your own Olympian for a day and strive for that elusive gold medal! We have removed the years of training, practice and conditioning, taken out the selection criteria and qualifying processes, and replaced them with an all-inclusive fun team building program.

Schedule It:

Allow approximately 2 – 3 hours for this program, and it works well at any time during the day.


Want to do an activity that will get everyone not only working together but also bring out a little bit of a competitive edge? Well do we have a team building activity for you!  Pipeline provides teams with plenty of twists and turns that will get everyone talking… right this way if you want to know more (we know you do)!


Congratulations!  Your company has been awarded the highly coveted contract to construct the world’s fastest oil pipeline! With ever changing regulations and unforeseen obstacles, can your team work together to construct a pipeline that meets all requirements without any blockages or shortfalls?

Schedule It:

Allow approximately 2 -3 hours for this program, and it works well at any time during the day.


Looking for something that dives a little bit deeper than an afternoon of fun and promotes long term positive workplace change?  Yep you guessed it; all of our programs also fit nicely as a complimentary activity with our Belbin workshop or FUMISH workshop which will put you on the path to creating a workplace culture that will be envied by all.

let us make it easier for you

We have so many different types of team programs available it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Get in contact with us to find out how we can build a positive team culture for you.