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Six Outdoor Team Building Ideas for Summer

Did Someone say sunshine?

The weather is warming up! Daylight hours are increasing! Summer will soon be upon us!  And so will outdoor team building!

Being outdoors can not only make you happier but healthier too; not to mention the added benefit of reduced COVID restrictions.

According to Erica Price, a certified therapeutic recreational specialist being outdoors can have a variety of health benefits including improved mood, boosted immune system, greater focus, lowered blood pressure and reduced stress. A healthy workforce can lead to greater productivity and higher levels of engagement, two key ingredients that support a high performing team and optimal business results. Consequently, encouraging and supporting the health of employees is not only common sense, but it makes good business sense too!

So how do you support your team’s health, boost employee morale and get your team into the natural benefits of the great outdoors?

A team building activity! At its core, team building is about understanding, appreciating, developing and maximising the people in your team to lead to a productive, efficient, motivated and happy workplace culture.

Why not couple all of these amazing benefits by incorporating a team activity into your staff Christmas party, end of year reward or staff retreat. Well sit back, relax and take advantage of all of these amazing benefits as WA manager Shane Rakich has taken the hard work out and listed his top six outdoor activities for this summer to keep your team, happy, healthy and productive!

Shanes passion is helping organisations create an environment that promotes growth, high performance and a clear vision for positive team culture. Along with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and qualifications in training, assessment and sport’s coaching, Shane has 10 years experience leading and managing teams in the corporate and fitness industry. Outside of the office Shane always wants to be the best version of himself and enjoys reading and researching holistic health or practising daily mediation.



Based on the popular reality television series, Survivor is an ideal program for the summer months.

The beauty of Survivor is its various activities and challenges can be tailored to suit the actual environment being used for the day.

It can be adapted for almost any outdoor space whether that’s a beach, park, bushland or sport’s reserve.

Everyone can participate regardless of fitness level and, like the TV show, will combine strategy and skill until a sole surviving team reigns.


As the name suggests, City Scramble pits teams against each other in a race around a certain location – a CBD, a small town, a suburb, a precinct or even large parkland.

That’s what makes this outdoor team building program so popular. It can be adapted for any group depending on location and budget.

It’s a great way to experience a destination and learn about its landmarks, history and features along the way.

Teams will have plenty of fun too as they navigate around the course completing challenge after challenge.


A fugitive is on the loose. They could be lurking in the dark alleys of your city or disguised as a carefree holiday-maker. The challenge is not only to solve who the fugitive is but be the first to find them.

Fugitive is a high energy thriller that showcases a destination of your choice and has the added bonus of being one of our COVID safe programs. While teams are on the hunt for this suspicious individual; they will be flooded with one exciting challenge after the next including photo missions, local trivia and custom company information. Success in these activities will result in clues and information that will help piece together a description of the wanted person and their location.

Everyone can participate regardless of fitness level and, like the TV show, will combine strategy and skill until a sole surviving team reigns.


The summer season and beach go hand in hand especially in Australia. What better way to experience both than together in a fun team activity.

Beach Olympics features a mix of recreational challenges that can cater for all fitness levels on the soft sand of a beach with the glistening ocean as a refreshing backdrop.

Teams will battle it out for gold in this high energy program. There are a host of activities to choose from so the event can be tailored for each organisation that does it.

With the Olympics and Paralympics upon us, there is no better time to apply lessons from sport to business as they are right there in front of our eyes.

Live inland? why not try out Mini Olympics.. same high energy program delivered in a park or outdoor space of your choice.


Congratulations! Your company has been awarded the highly coveted contract to construct the world’s fastest oil pipeline! With ever changing regulations and unforeseen obstacles, can your team work together to construct a pipeline that meets all requirements without any blockages or shortfalls?

Teams will be split into three separate zones, A, B, and C, and must work both independently and collaboratively with the wider team to achieve their end goal.

With limited resources spread across the three internal groups, communication and planning are essential to the team constructing a successful pipeline.

This outdoor program that is jam packed with plenty of surprises and twists will get your team thinking outside the square in the tranquil setting of the great outdoors!


The end of year is a time of giving. The end of year is also a busy time for animal shelters.

This presents an opportunity for groups to undertake a team building program for a cause in the great outdoors.

One of these programs is Give A Dog A Home which can be run in a park with the added benefit of supporting animals in need.

Teams work through a series of activities to ultimately build and decorate a dog kennel. After an overall winner is judged, the power in this team activity comes with the donation of the kennels to an animal charity or shelter.

So there you have it! Shane’s top six team building programs for the outdoors this summer.

With any outdoor program, we also advise plenty of sunscreen, hats, water and shade and provide an indoor contingency if the Aussie weather doesn’t behave!

To discuss any of our outdoor team options get in contact with your local office today.